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Geeta Kapoor: In the field of Indian dance and choreography, few names shine like Geeta Kapur. With a career spanning decades, he has left an indelible mark on entertainment and dance. Her dynamic choreography and unmatched dedication have earned her a special place in the hearts of dance lovers and fans across the globe. This blog post throws light on the life and achievements of Geeta Kapur, tracing her biography, education, professional career, relationships, family, husband, net worth, and several awards that have graced her illustrious journey.

Geeta Kapoor

Aspect Details
Full Name Geeta Kapoor
Birthdate July 5th, 1973
Birthplace Mumbai, India
Passion Early love for dance
Education Nurtured passion alongside academic pursuits
Relationship Status Married to Rajeev Khinchi, a businessman
Family Private but supportive of colleagues/students
Net Worth Successful career and financial achievements
Awards and Accolades Recognition for choreographic brilliance
Legacy Iconic contributions to Indian dance

Biography and Education:

Geeta Kapoor born on 5 July 1973, is a resident of Mumbai, India. From a young age, she displayed an innate love and aptitude for dance, which later became her hallmark. Geeta Kapoor’s early education took place in Mumbai, where she nurtured her passion for dance and at the same time focused on her academic pursuits. When she embarked on her journey, little did the world know that she was destined to become a dance icon.

Professional career:

Geeta Kapur‘s professional career in dance started at a young age when she was just 15 years old. Her exceptional talent caught the attention of renowned choreographer Farah Khan, who took Geeta under her as an assistant choreographer. This marked the beginning of an illustrious partnership, in which Geeta collaborated on several Bollywood projects, contributing her unique style and creative vision to iconic dance sequences.

Over the years, Geeta Kapur’s choreography gained wide recognition for its innovative blend of traditional Indian dance forms and contemporary moves. His ability to incorporate emotion into dance routines and create mesmerizing visual narratives earned him a reputation as a dance maestro.

Geeta Kapur’s career in the world of dance and choreography is a testimony to her immense talent, dedication and passion. His journey from a young enthusiast to a celebrated choreographer has left an indelible mark on the Indian entertainment industry. Let’s take a look at the highlights of Geeta Kapoor’s illustrious career:

Early debut and assistant choreographer:

Geeta Kapur’s dance journey began at a young age when she discovered her love for the art form. His talent caught the attention of renowned choreographer Farah Khan, who took him under her as an assistant choreographer. This was the starting point of Geeta’s professional career.

Collaboration with Farah Khan:

Geeta Kapur’s collaboration with Farah Khan proved to be an important phase in her career. He collaborated with Farah on several Bollywood projects and contributed his unique dance sensibilities to create memorable and visually captivating dance sequences.

Innovative Choreography:

Geeta Kapur’s choreography is characterized by an innovative mix of traditional Indian dance forms and contemporary styles. Her ability to incorporate emotion and narration into dance routines set her apart, making her a popular choreographer in the industry.

Impressive Dance Sequence:

Geeta’s choreography has graced several Bollywood films, creating dance sequences that have become iconic and synonymous with the films. Her work has added a new dimension to storytelling through dance in Indian cinema.

Television Appearances – Dance India Dance:

Geeta Kapur gained wide recognition and popularity through her role as a judge in the reality dance competition show “Dance India Dance”. His creative feedback, guidance, and a keen eye for talent endeared him to audiences and aspiring dancers alike.

Mentoring and nurturing talent:

Geeta Kapur’s influence extends well beyond choreography. She has been a mentor and guide to many aspiring dancers, helping them develop their skills and find their artistic voice.

Choreography Workshops & Masterclasses:

Geeta Kapur has conducted choreography workshops and masterclasses, sharing her knowledge and insight with budding dancers, thereby contributing to the growth of dance as an art form.

Recognition and Awards:

Geeta Kapur’s choreography talent has earned her nominations and wins at various award ceremonies. Her ability to create visually stunning and emotionally resonant dance sequences has been acknowledged by critics and audiences alike.

Continuing Impact and Legacy:

Geeta Kapur’s influence on the dance and entertainment industry continues to be felt today, as her work and influence continue to inspire new generations of dancers and choreographers.

Geeta Kapur’s career has been a remarkable journey of creativity, innovation, and dedication. His contribution has taken dance to new heights and has established him as an influential figure in both Bollywood and the dance world.

Relationships and Family:

Geeta Kapoor’s personal life has often stayed away from the limelight as she is known to focus on her career. However, his relationships with his co-workers and students are testimony to his nurturing and kind nature. Geeta has mentored many aspiring dancers, helping them realize their dreams and passions.

Husband and Family Life:

Geeta Kapur’s personal life became the subject of speculation in the media, as fans were curious to know about her marital status. Despite keeping a low profile, it was revealed that Geeta Kapoor was married to Rajeev Khinchi, a businessman. The couple has spent a lifetime together, and their bond exemplifies the harmony of two different worlds coming together.

Net worth:

Geeta Kapur’s contribution to the entertainment industry and her choreography talent have achieved immense success. While the exact figures may vary, it is estimated that his net worth has been a part of his hard work, dedication, and the many projects he has taken on during his career.

Year Approximate Net Worth (USD)
2011 $1 million
2012 $1.5 million
2013 $2 million
2014 $2.5 million
2015 $3 million
2016 $3.5 million
2017 $4 million
2018 $4.5 million
2019 $5 million
2020 $5.5 million
2021 $6 million (estimated)

Please keep in mind that these figures are hypothetical estimates and should not be considered as accurate representations of Geeta Kapoor’s actual net worth. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, I recommend checking reliable sources such as financial news outlets or official reports.

Awards and honors:

Geeta Kapur’s extraordinary talent has been acknowledged through various awards and accolades. Her choreography has won the hearts of audiences and critics alike, leading to nominations and wins at prestigious award ceremonies. Her ability to transform dance into the art of storytelling has earned her recognition as a pioneer in the industry.

Geeta Kapur’s journey from a young dance lover to an eminent choreographer is an inspiration. Her dedication to her craft, innovative choreography, and commitment to nurturing young talent has cemented her legacy in the annals of Indian dance history. As her journey continues to unfold, Geeta Kapur remains an icon whose poise and grace have left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.


Here are 10 frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Geeta Kapoor along with their answers:

  1. Who is Geeta Kapoor?
    Ans: Geeta Kapoor is an Indian choreographer known for her exceptional contributions to the world of dance, particularly in Bollywood films.
  2. When was Geeta Kapoor born?
    Ans: Geeta Kapoor was born on July 5th, 1973.
  3. What is Geeta Kapoor’s background in dance?
    Geeta Kapoor exhibited a passion for dance from a young age and pursued her interest alongside her education in Mumbai.
  4. What is Geeta Kapoor’s professional career?
    Ans: Geeta Kapoor started her career as an assistant choreographer and later collaborated with renowned choreographer Farah Khan. She has choreographed numerous iconic dance sequences in Bollywood.
  5. What is Geeta Kapoor’s style of choreography?
    Geeta Kapoor is known for blending traditional Indian dance forms with contemporary styles, creating innovative and emotionally charged dance routines.
  6. Has Geeta Kapoor received any awards?
    Ans: Yes, Geeta Kapoor has been recognized for her choreographic brilliance with nominations and wins at prestigious awards ceremonies in the entertainment industry.
  7. Is Geeta Kapoor married?
    Ans: Yes, Geeta Kapoor is married to Rajeev Khinchi, a businessman.
  8. How does Geeta Kapoor balance her personal and professional life?
    Geeta Kapoor has managed to maintain a balance between her personal life and her successful career, focusing on her passion for dance while nurturing relationships with colleagues and students.
  9. What is Geeta Kapoor’s estimated net worth?
    Ans: While exact figures may vary, Geeta Kapoor’s net worth is estimated to reflect her substantial contributions to the entertainment industry.
  10. What is Geeta Kapoor’s legacy in the dance world?
    Geeta Kapoor’s legacy is one of innovation and inspiration. Her ability to transform dance into a storytelling art form and her dedication to nurturing young talent have solidified her as an iconic figure in the realm of Indian dance and choreography.